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Finding your happiness

These last few weeks have been mentally tough for me. I tend to stay away from politics, but this week it’s hard not to. On a micro level in Hong Kong, we face consistent disruptive changes to our daily lives and are forced to deal with crushing restrictions due to the rising number of Omicron cases. On a macro level, our hearts break as we watch Russia’s war on Ukraine. On a level of humanity, as a parent, as someone with family, it’s absolutely terrifying to watch. I’ve realized that these last few weeks have taken a toll on my mental health. Working from home everyday, not seeing my friends, and feeling like a caged bird has made me feel depressed and hopeless. Even as things look bleak, one of the things that has helped me navigate through an increasingly difficult time is sticking to my promise to practice gratitude each day. I decided a few weeks ago to start integrating gratitude in my daily life by telling someone what I appreciate about them and by doing something that is altruistically kind every single day. I’m proud to say that I’ve been successfully practicing it (almost) everyday for the last two weeks. I’ve done my best to keep things simple and genuine. Examples are things like telling my friend how much I appreciate her sarcastic memes or telling my kids that their latest Magna Tile creation is super innovative. It could be things like dropping off banana bread to my sick neighbor or sending a card to a friend that lives overseas just to say hi. In these dark and crazy times, these are the things that bring light to my day and my life on a whole. They are the things that remind me that happiness and gratitude are a choice and that you are in control of changing how you perceive your life because perception is essentially reality. I’m not saying that it’s easy. I do break down. I can also be really negative. But, this is one thing that I’ve found that helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all have our own ways to cope when times are tough. I hope that wherever you are in this world, you are doing something small to find your own happiness. Until next time, stay safe! x

1 thoughts onFinding your happiness

  1. avatar Nicole says:

    This is so well said Tingi. Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact on our mood. Hang in there – this period of your life will generate more life long gratitude xxx

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