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My Top 5 Journal Spreads 2021

I change journals every 6 months beginning on January 1. Since July just started and I opened up a brand new Leuchtturm journal (I chose black this time), I decided I’d share some of my favorite journal spreads from January 2021 to June 2021! I typically write one page per day and use a mixture of stationery accessories including stamps, scrap paper, washi tape, and of course, stickers!

Saturday, February 13, 2021: An eventful day despite the super cold weather in February! This is a really simple spread that I’ve made more exciting with the use of stamps and stickers. I love using stamps because 1) they add a totally new element to my spread and 2) they act like trackers but with less effort! The stamp on the bottom left is what I use to track the movies and shows that I watch. Featured this time is To All The Boys 3, which I really enjoyed (even if it’s a bit unrealistic)! The second stamp is used to track how much I spent. I should really start using this stamp as a daily tracker and then at the end of the month tally it up; maybe it would help me budget better! Since my friend Caroline and I went to Bake Island Bakery & Cafe, I cut their logo from the pastry bag and glued it in along with my Suatelier Café Blue sticker sheet.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021: I love the colors of this spread so much. The bright yellows and greens were perfect for the spring weather we had here in Toronto. I used our Suatelier Lemontree sticker sheet along with a piece of washi tape from KITTA’s Utsuwa Vase. I also used a couple sheets of decorative paper from a small book I have along with a logo sticker from the sushi restaurant Miku. Miku is from Vancouver, but there’s a location here now. It specializes in pressed sushi, so we had that to celebrate Allan’s birthday after an evening of fishing!

Thursday, April 3, 2021: Hiking in the Bruce Peninsula National Park was so much fun! Located alongside Georgian Bay’s turquoise waters, the views from high on the cliffs were incredible.  I created this spread while at a cottage with some friends. I had a sticker from my personal collection on the bottom left, which represents the charcuterie board that we brought with us for our after-hike snack. I also used Suatelier’s Plain 19 sticker sheets, Some Mood Design’s Drawing Face, and KITTA’s Country washi.

Saturday, May 15, 2021: Somehow, despite the global bike shortage, I managed to buy a brand new road bike! Summer is finally here, baby! Feels good! This spread’s theme is a mixture of yellow and green to represent the sun and the grass. The highlight feature is the Biking Sloth laptop sticker by Noristudio, which fits with the theme perfectly. Other stationery accessories that I used include floral washi tape, scrap paper, leaf stickers, and more Some Mood Design Drawing Face stickers.

Thursday, May 27, 2021: I started taking French classes at work on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I really enjoy it. This semester we have a new teacher who’s really enthusiastic about the language and how it works. I think he’s really helped me with my pronunciation and past tense usage. After my class, however, I joined the Lazy Mushroom Club thanks to illustrator, Mushroom Mountain! I love this sticker series so much because they’re so colorful and totally relatable. I matched the colors with our MU Lifestyle Lively print-on stickers and KITTA’s Wagara Japanese Pattern washi tape. I also used my list stamp to help keep track of my to-do’s! 

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