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New York City, I'll never get tired of you!

I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with tennis. I'll admit it. I've had it since I was in junior high  my friends can attest to my binder and locker decorations (shout out to my school library for letting me cut out pictures of Rafael Nadal)! That's why, when August rolled around and I had a chance to watch the National Bank Open here in Toronto, I decided that this would be the year I finally make it to the US Open in New York City. The US Open (USO) is one of four major tennis tournaments of the year (the others being the Australian Open in Melbourne, the French Open in Paris, and Wimbledon in London) and the last one of the season.

I had thought about attending the US Open in the past, but I just couldn't justify the cost of the flight, hotel, and tickets. It was just too expensive. Buttttt, since this year is (kind of) a big birthday (my 30th is next week!), so Allan brought up the idea to gift me this trip! Ty, Allan!

We spent five days in the city, and three of them were inside of Arthur Ashe Stadium (the main court at the USO). We watched tons of tennis during the day and even more on TV when we got back to the hotel at night. A lot of matches this week went to long five-setters, which ended well past midnight. I got to see some of my favorite players including Victoria Azarenka, Jannick Sinner, Carlos Alcaraz, Francis Tiafoe, Matteo Berrettini, Jack Sock (on the sidewalk in Manhattan and on the court), and of course, Nick Kyrgios. 

Besides watching a bright yellow ball getting hit back and forth (haha, I'm just kidding, tennis is EXCITING!), we also met up with friends for great food and tasty drinks. One of our favorite meals was at a pizza restaurant called Joe and Pat's. The original location is on Staten Island, but I'm thankful they opened a new spot in Manhattan because let me tell you, that was one of the best pizzas I've ever had. It was cracker thin, crispy, light, and surprisingly not greasy! We ordered the Tri-Pie, which is topped with tomato sauce, vodka sauce, and pesto sauce with fresh mozzarella. Mamma mia (kiss)! 

We didn't do too many touristy things this time around except for visiting Chelsea Market and walking the High Line. If you visit anytime soon, I HIGHLY recommend the Sweet As Honey ice cream from Ample Hills. It is truly one of the best flavors to ever reach my taste buds. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Unfortunately, no such flavor exists here in Toronto, so I'll have to wait until my next trip to NYC or figure out how to make it at home! 

That's all from me for now. I'm looking forward to writing about my trip back home to Nova Scotia later this month where I'll finally see the other half of Script + Sea, my sister, Tingi! 


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