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Spring Stickers and Dailylike Card Set Release

I used to think that my favorite season of the year was summer, but now that spring 2022 has arrived, I feel incredibly thankful for rays of sun and the warmer weather. This past winter in Toronto was colder than normal and with COVID restrictions, I felt like I wasn't getting outside enough. I'm tired of being cooped up in my apartment, and I'm ready to grab my bike and go for a ride (I write this while I'm sitting at my kitchen table looking at the rain that's been non-stop for the past two days), but I'll have to wait a little longer until the roads dry up. 

Even though there's overcast right now, I can see there's sunshine coming later this week! We have SO MANY spring-themed stickers that you can use in your journal this season! Here are just a few that I love:

And to end the week, we're also releasing these super cute Dailylike "Le Petit Marché" Card Sets! We have three card sets in total: Fruit Store, Green Grocery Store, and Bakery. Each set includes one envelope with a market illustration and 4 unique cards. I love how I can picture myself enjoying a Sunday morning walking around a little European town and coming across a farmer's market like this. Freshly baked croissants, ripe apples, and fresh veggies!

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