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What ARE print-on/transfer stickers?

We have SO many beautiful print-on stickers in our Script + Sea shop, but do you know how they work? Layered between a piece of tissue paper and the plastic sticker sheet, you'll find the sticker design, which is ready to be transferred to paper, wood, and even plastic! Check out the gif instructions below for a visual explanation:  

How to apply print-on stickers step-by-step:

1. Pick your favorite print-on stickers! I'm using these dark blue and pink MU Lifestyle Swan Stickers because September's birthstone is sapphire and I wanted my theme to match. 


2. Cut out your desired pattern. This is where you'll be able to tell there are two layered sheets!


3. Separate the paper from the plastic sheet.


4. Paste the plastic sheet with the illustration onto the object you wish to print on. 


5. I'm using a popsicle sticker to press and apply pressure evenly on the sticker in my journal, but you can use your finger and nails if you want to!


6. Carefully tear off the plastic layer and voilà!

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